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VRA NTP setting – goes exterior

  • I have several VRAs reaching out to the internet to an NTP server for time. What is strange is that not all of them are reaching out. Is there a tweak or setting to set time internally?

    Our InfoSec dept. reached out to us about this when they detected this condiiton of our VRAs going out to the Internet to retrieve time.  I ran into this issue when I went to 9.5.  Zerto changed the time source files.  This is what I did.

    SSH into each VRA with the provided ssh.ppk located on the ZVM. User is root.  I suggest scripting this below and run through all the VRAs, if this corrects the issue.

    Edit the timesyncd.conf file:
    nano /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf
    In the section of the timesyncd.conf file. Add the local.ntp.com to the NTP and replace the debian servers with local.ntp2.com
    [Time] NTP=local.ntp.com

    Restart the time service: systemctl restart systemd-timesyncd
    Validate new Sources: systemctl status systemd-timesyncd

    Dave – sorry for the late reply and thank you for the information. I applied it to all of the VPGs and they now no longer reach out for time synchronization.

    After making these changes, its still using the wrong time zone. Where do you change the time zone of the VRA?

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