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VRA helper placement

  • As part of normal operations, VRA helper instances are created by ZVR. I would like to be able to influence placement of the VRA helpers in a vCenter folder or resource pool, but nothing related to VRA helpers is in the install/admin documentation.

    What are the possibilities for “managing” VRA helpers?

    Best regards,

    John Segers


    Hey John,

    We refer to the VRA helpers as “shadow VRAs” to circumnavigate the disk limitation of a VM which would otherwise limit the VRA to only being able to replicate the max disks assigned to a VM. Right now there is no logic for the placement of these within a folder, but once created there is no issue with assigning them to a folder.

    How many shadow VRAs do you have in your environment and how often does this fluctuate? Would you also want VRAs to be placed in a particular folder too?

    The easiest workaround is going to be manually moving the shadow VRAs or a script to automate the process. Thanks,



    Hi Joshua,

    Thank you for your quick response.

    I do not have timeline data about the number of shadow VRAs. When I look at our environments, I see between 0 and 3 shadow VRAs per cluster.

    I want to ensure that the VRAs and shadow VRAs get enough resources assigned to prevent them from getting starved, impacting RPO for the protected VMs.

    Given the size of our environment, and the fact that shadows VRAs are created on-demand, assigning them to a folder or resource pool manually is not a viable option. I’d like to be able to set a folder/resource pool name in the ZVM and have the shadow VRAs created in the right place.



    The shadow VRAs don’t consume any resources of any significance and the VRAs reserve the RAM that they are assigned to ensure no impact to RPOs.

    I see this kind of request falling under an umbrella of default settings. I.E default vCenter folder for VRAs, default folders, port groups, clusters, datastores etc for new VPGs. Would you agree?


    Hi Joshua,

    I agree that this would fall under your umbrella.




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