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VPG routinely in bitmap sync

  • I’m running into an issue where VPGs will go into a a bitmap sync with a small amount of data with the error “Reason:  Recovery VRA Communication Problem”.  In the current example, one VPG is in a bitmap sync with 80MB remaining out of 201.4MB in the bitmap sync and the VPG has been trying to sync for almost 30 minutes.  I can confirm that other VPGs are able to sync with the DR infrastructure and that there is sufficient bandwidth between the sites and the necessary ports are allowed between the sites ZVMs and VRAs.  Earlier today I was able to get the VPG to sync by running a force sync, but it seems like every couple of hours the VPG goes into a bitmap sync state which takes upwards of over an hour to clear up (with no change to network configurations).

    Has anyone else seen this happen, and do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting measures I can investigate?

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