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VMWARE CBT broken after planned Zerto Move of VMs

  • We moved VMs to our other DC yesterday, and plan to move everything tomorrow night, and need to prevent this from happening.  Our backup software is complaining about the CBT being broken on the VM after the move with Zerto.  Why would this be happening?  How do we prevent this?  It’s not happening on all VMs, just a good handful.

    VMWARE 6.5 ESXi and 6.7 VCSA.
    Zerto 8.5 U3

    Update.  We figured out moving the VM to another datastore and back again resolved the issue. VMWARE couldn’t even figure it out or why.  The CBT would not reset on two of the 4 drives.  Once we did that, it resolved it.

    Hello Russell,
    Ben from Zerto support here.

    I’m happy to hear you’ve managed to resolve the issue on your own.
    When experiencing technical issues with recovery operations please feel free top open a support case with us via the support section of the myZerto website.

    We are happy to assist with any technical issue you may be experiencing.
    Thank you and have a nice day

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