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VMware 6 supported versions?

  • What/Where can I find the current supported 6 versions for vcenter and vsphere?


    You can check out the current Interoperability Matrix in the document downloads section from the support portal, which I’ve also attached for you. Any questions let me know.



    Awesome!… what I don’t see is 6.0 u1a or 6.0 u1b… ???


    Hey, I believe it is inclusive of both builds, but I will double check and come back to you. Irrespective of this, as long as your ZVM has internet access it will call home to validate the support of a new ESXi version if it is not within its supported list and will notify you if not.

    Also, Zerto supports replication to, between and from any vSphere version from 4.0 U1+. So keeping vSphere versions in lock-step is not a requirement with Zerto. How cool is that?!

    I can confirm we do indeed support 6.0 U1, U1a and U1b. Thanks!

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