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VM Version question

  • As we start to prepare for the Meltdown and Spectre remediation steps that need to be addressed I started to compile a list of virtual appliances that have a VM Version less than version 9 (there are vMotion issues once the patches start getting applied to the Hosts if your VM Version is below 9).  I have two ZVA’s at my DR target site that are reporting to vCenter as having version 7, and the rest have version 11.  I have no idea how this is the case, since they were all deployed within a few minutes of each other, but that is what I see in vCenter.  I realize that the ZVA’s don’t migrate around, but we like to keep things as vanilla as possible here.  Can I shut them down and upgrade them, or will I have to change my VPG’s that point at these Hosts, and then redeploy the appliances?

    Correction.  These are not VRA’s, they are VRAH’s.  I guess all I have to do is rearrange a couple of VPG’s and spread out the drives a little.

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