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VM no showing up

  • I am setting up a VPG and I have a VM that does not show up? Is there a way to refresh the list of VM’s


    It is possible that the VM is not showing because the disk is configured for IDE and not SCSI. Please verify the VM settingsĀ for this. If you are using IDE, you will need to switch the disk to SCSI. THe link below should help you migrating to SCSI:



    If you are indeed using a SCSI controller for your virtual disk, it might be due to another issue but Zerto does not have a refresh option. All VMs should show up as long as they are supported (IDE virtual disk is not).



    At least in vSphere one way to potentially identify why a VM is not available in the Create VPG wizard is to connect to the relevant vCenter with theĀ VI Client (versus the web client), left-click the VM you are attempting to protect, and then click the Zerto tab.

    This will open the Zerto GUI from a virtual machine context which allows Zerto to provide feedback that a VM can be protected or, if it cannot, error feedback such as “VM cannot be protected because it relies on an IDE controller” or “VM is on a host that does not have a VRA installed”.

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