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Using Zerto during move to new location

  • Hello – We are going to be moving everything in one location (rented rack in a colo) to another location (also a rented rack in a colo). We are literally moving all of the equipment to another physical site and bringing everything back up the same way it was in the previous site. I am planning on using a “swing method” with Zerto to keep critical servers available during this move. I think this should work, but thought I would post this to see if anyone sees something that I’m not thinking of.

    Site A currently replicates to Site B, each has its own vCenter and ZVR server. Everything in Site A is physically moving to new Site C. A and C will be on the same LAN subnet, so nothing will change from a network or virtual viewpoint after this move. Here’s the plan:

    1. Move VPG’s in A to B and reverse protection.
    2. Wait for all VPG resynchs to complete.
    3. Shut down Site A systems (including Zerto server) and move to C.
    4. Bring systems back up in Site C and wait for VPG’s to resynch.
    5. Move VPG’s in B back to C and reverse protection.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks…  Mike

    Hi Mike – Granted it was a long time ago, but I had a user do this very same thing. So long as all of the networking and connectivity is planned to be the same you should be OK – when the person I am thinking of had performed this, all of the VPGs bitmap syncd following the ‘new location’ site coming on line (I think their move took about a week before the lights were on at the new location).  Definitely would recommend using the move operation of course.

    Ok, thanks!

    Michael – I’ve done this before, and your steps are dead on. Get everything into the recovery site, ensure full reverse sync is good, move the hardware, change your routing, bring the new site online, Zerto should then just automatically reconnect, and either bitmap or delta sync all your VPG’s. Zerto is great for swinging datacenters, even if you’re going to new platform, or physically moving the existing hardware like you’re doing. Good luck!

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