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Upgrading from Windows to Appliance?

  • Hello,

    We have Zerto 9.5u4 for vmware that installed on Windows VM.

    We need to upgrade zerto to 10 for supporting vmware 8.0u2

    But it seems there is no Windows ZVM  only appliance.

    How can we upgrade our ZVMs?

    Thanks in advance,

    Version 10 is a Linux only appliance.

    With you being on 9.5 (Windows), you need to upgrade to 9.7U4P3 or your existing Windows VM, and then do the migration to 10.0U2P1. Once you are on 10.0U2P1, you can then upgrade to 10.U4 which is the latest.

    This is the information on the migration utility for the Windows to Linux migration. There is a chart that explains the upgrade versions you are coming from and going to. https://help.zerto.com/bundle/Zerto.Migration.Utility.HTML.1.0/page/Migration_Utility_Prerequisites.htm

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