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too much time for Delta sync

  • hi guys

    Am I the only one facing this, we have some big VMs we do Live Failover, different reasons and Test Failover is not an option.

    so Last time for a 1.5 TB VM it took 27 hours the delta sync…. I was thinking If had opened the bandwidth for at least 100 or 200MB that VM would had replicated from scratch faster than doing a delta sync….

    I mean there should be an option for – please don’t make checksum since I am doing a plan failover so I now the data integrity is OK – just replicate the new changes

    and other customer have not asked to do Live failovers in other VMs like 3 or 4 TB we have

    I mean I worried since this VM thr 1.5 TB was unprotected for 27 hours, more than a day SLA

    any idea is this can be implemented?


    thanks a lot

    Hi Carlos,

    I’m sorry you’re experiencing extended delta sync times. We have been implementing some changes to speed up, or avoid delta sync, and more enhancements around those areas are coming!

    What version are you currently running on each of your sites? What hypervisor platform are you running on each site?



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    glad to hear that

    I will be impatiently waiting for those enhancements

    right now 4.5 U5, and will be updating to 5.x in about 2 or 3 months

    Sounds good! With an upgrade, you’ll experience some improvements, and more coming in subsequent upgrades! 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your experiences!


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