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Test Failover

  • Hello I am doing a failover test to azure and the machines are created, but I can not connect to the machines in the recovery site. I enabled the NSG rules for SSH (22) and RDP (3389) connections but I can not connect. Could you guide me to know that I need to enable to be able to check the machines of the recovery site?

    Hi Jose,

    Sorry for the delayed reply to this one! One place to start is by checking if the VM booted successfully. You can do that by getting a screenshot of the VM’s “screen” (you can get that at the Azure portal, somewhere in the VM’s tab) and see that it is not in a BSOD or kernel panic.

    Does your have access to Azure VMs that aren’t part of a failover test? Just wondering if there’s something else going on.



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    Hi, Jose, hope you’ve been able to fix your problem (cuz I know my answer comes a little late).

    Recently I’ve seen this issue before. This could be something related to the firewall that is blocking the traffic in the IP addresses that you are using in the Azure cloud (assuming you are using a firewall appliance (other than Windows Firewall). If you have the VM’s public IP address enabled, you could access and review it from inside.

    When the IP addresses were enabled in the firewall, we were able to reach the VMs in Azure.


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