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Support for ESXi 8.0.1 with 9.7

  • I installed ESXi 8.0.1 in a new datacenter and VRA will not install. Support said it isn’t supported yet but that they “will make [it] compatible within 60 days after the release of this patch”. That version of ESX was released on 4/18/23, so does that mean the Zerto patch will be released on (or before) 6/17/23? What has the community seen with these releases in the past?

    Hey, this is normal for zerto. Had this often in the past that Zerto need very long time support latest update.

    Now, have the same problem – Installed latest update for ESXi 8 and zerto stopped working.

    I opened a support ticket on this and they said it was 90 days, not 60, and that the 9.7 updated release is targeted for the end of this month.  Currently 10.0 is fully compatible with 8.0.1, however you need a ECE license, whereas we only have a ZVR license.

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