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Snapshot Support

  • When will Zerto support vm snapshots?


    Mind expanding with some specifics on what you’re looking for out of VM snapshots and how you would want Zerto to support them?

    When failing over a vm I would like snapshots to follow it. I have had some instances where customers need the snapshot on a vm and when we failover it removes it.

    Any details on why they need the snapshots from prod at the DR site where they have recovered to a point in time in the past? Sounds like there’s an opportunity for a feature requests here, but I think knowing why the snapshots at the recovery site are needed/expected would help us build the use case. Thanks Jeremy!

    They only needed to failover for a short time, for maintenance I believe, but they wanted to keep the snapshot on the vm to retain some software changes. So in a perfect world the customer could have the snapshot on the vm, failover perform their maintenance then fail back and still have the snapshot.

    Thinking a little outside the box here…. How far back do the snapshots go? With the Zerto journal, you can in essence get the same coverage as the snapshots, for up to a maximum duration of 5 days. I understand it’s a different facility, but if the snapshots aren’t hanging around for very long, it’s a way to give you the same protection, and leverage all the benefits of using Zerto. Just a thought.

    Unfortunately they need to snapshot much longer than 5 days. Is there any timeline on Zerto supporting vm snapshots?

    Since our 4.0 Update1, we extended the journal history to 14 days. Maybe this helps?

    A timeline when we would support keeping those snapshots is not present, as far as i know. But I will go and double-check this for you.

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