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Site disconnection between specific VRAs

  • Recent upgrade to VMWare 7.03, waited for the updated Zerto version.  Completely un-installed and reinstalled Zerto.  I have 3 production hosts (Host1, Host2, Host3) and two DR hosts (DR1, DR2).  What I’m seeing is that I cannot create a VPG for a VM on Host2 going to DR2.   When I do, the VPG immediately declares “Site Disconnect” Host1 or Host3 to DR2 is fine, and Host2 to DR1 is fine.  I’ve tried re-creating the VRA on DR2, with no luck. There are not firewalls between them, and I’m not convinced its that, since all the other combinations work; it’s just when I try to protect a VM on HOST2 to DR2.

    Where should I look to see what’s going on?

    I would try and run connectivity tests between the VRA’s

    this KB should help :


    If you are still experiencing issues, my next action would be to raise a support case to get the engineers to look at the logs

    Bud,  is one of the hosts running U3d?  update ‘d’ is not supported and will break the VRAs.

    We’ve experienced a similar issue.

    • We upgraded ESXi to 7.0u3d
    • It broke our Zerto 9.0

    As per Zerto interop matrix (released APRIL 5!) and Zerto Support we’re required to:

    • downgrade ESXi to 7.0u3
    • and upgrade Zerto to 9.0u3p2

    Notes from our Zerto support case:
    ‘”At the moment due to the found issues, we support ESXi ver 7.0u3 since Zerto 9.0u3 patch 2.
    The most recent interop matrix was updated by April 5th:
    https://help.zerto.com/bundle/Zerto_Interoperability_Matrix/resource/Zerto_Interoperability_Matrix.pdfAlso, please, note that the supported [Zerto 9.0u3p2] build for [ESXi] 7.0 is 3c (build№ 19193900…) but not 3d (№19482537).”

    Hope this helps, good luck.


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