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Single vCenter Setup

  • Hi Guys

    I am looking to setup Zerto in the following situation:-

    • Single vCenter server in Production site
    • Production ESXi Cluster
    • DR ESXi Cluster

    Now i planned to install a ZVM into the live cluster where vCenter server is located and install VRA’s in both the Live & DR sites and enable the replicate to self in the site settings.

    Is this the correct way to go, as i was reading the docs and its confused me a little as I think its telling me to have the single vCenter server and the ZVM at the DR site, not the production?

    Does anyone know what the best practice is please, and if it is to host in DR site, if i have no option but to host in Live site, will it still work and what will be the negatives to doing this please

    thanks in advance

    This will work just fine. There are two primary risks to mitigate:

    • Single vCenter means single point of failure that you must recover before recovering your VMs with Zerto
    • vCenter in Production doesn’t help you if Production goes offline, thus the best practice of locating your VC and ZVM in DR in a single VC scenario

    thanks for the reply Sean

    Both points above are understood, but there is no replication performance impact of having the VC & ZVM in the production site?




    thanks Sean

    Another way to attack this would be to run your vCenter server, out of your DR cluster hardware. That way if you have a failure in your production cluster, you are still able to easily failover all your production vm’s to your DR cluster. Conversely, if you have a failure in your DR cluster, you’re only dealing with a vCenter outage, which is much more tenable to deal with, than client facing production machines being down.

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