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Seed Secondary Datacenter and Migrate VPG

  • We are migrating servers to a new datacenter and would like DR already preseeded to a third datacenter when we cutover.

    Our plan is to use One to Many VPG replication to seed that third datacenter, but we need to know the best method to setup DR replication at cutover.

    Manually we would have to search for where the VPG put the vmdks at third site which isn’t straight forward.

    Is there a way to migrate/move VPG to more efficiently create the DR VPG after migration?

    Is Powershell cmdlets an option to easily pull vmdk locations and create the DR VPG?

    Hi Quintus,

    Unfortunately the pre-seed capability is not yet available in our APIs, although we do expect this to be available later this year, and so a different approach would have to be utilised here.

    I would suggest continuing with your approach to replicate from the first datacenter to the second and third (with the plan to use the data at the third for pre-seed). What you can then do is export the config of the first to third datacenter VPGs via the Zerto Diagnostics Tool on the ZVM. You can then alter the XML this produces so that it contains the config for replication from the second datacenter to the third using the 3rd as a pre-seed. This can then be imported, again by the Zerto Diagnostics Tool, post failover to the second datacenter, thus removing the need for manual VPG configuration.

    Happy yo discuss this in more detail if you would like?




    Is there a document on the minimum values in the xml to replace ?

    Is the Diagnostic Tool export different from the export in Powershell you can pull?

    Maybe it would be easier if we could just pull the path to each vmdk in a vpg and use that to seed because finding them isn’t straight forward .

    I have a script to create VPGs but what would be useful is to pull the Datastore and Cluster details from the staging VPG to use to create the third smoothly.

    If not just give me the details on where replaces have to occur in XML.

    Hi Quintus,

    The easiest way to get the disk locations is to use the export option under the VPG tab. The target disk locations are all listed under the “Target DS” field under each VPG.

    We don’t have a document that details the elements in the backup xml today unfortunately, however it is worth looking at the following forum post a Zerto customer has put together, including a detailed document:¬†https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/forums/topic/migrating-vpgs-from-one-vcenter-to-another. This isn’t exactly the same scenario but will provide some good insight.

    As I said we are adding the pre-seed capability to the API this year and once this is here it will become a lot easier to automate using just the API.



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