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Satellite offices replicating back to DR site

  • I have 3 branch offices, each running ESXi infrastructure, and one DR site also running vSphere. One of the branch offices is the “central branch” and has a vCenter server managing the ESXi hosts and VMs in all 3 branches. Can I deploy Zerto in such a way where there’s one ZVM at the DR site (with VRAs deployed the each of the DR ESXi hosts) and one ZVM at the central branch vCenter – with VRAs deployed out to all ESXi hosts in the 3 branch offices, so that I can protect the VMs in all 3 branches replicating them back to the DR site? There is site-to-site VPN connections between the 3 branches, with a dark fibre network link between the central branch and DR site.

    Absolutely you can do that. You can architect it a few different ways. I have a setup exactly like yours and I’ll describe how I have it setup.

    Datacenter A: This is my primary datacenter where 90% of my applications run. This is a colocation center and no humans work from this location.

    Datacenter B: This is my DR datacenter where I would recover everything from Datacenter A in the event of a DR. I also run a few local services at this site. Humans do also work from this location.

    Remote offices C&D: These are offices that have humans, and a few services.

    Datacenter A and B both have a vCenter, and each also have a ZVM. This is necessary to have as a base. This allows me to replicate to and from A/B.

    Remote Offices C and D only each have a single ESXi server. They are managed by the vCenter in Datacenter A. I then can replicate C and D to either Datacenter A or Datacenter B. The choice is up to you. In my case, I have some VPG’s going to A and some to B, for different reasons.

    Hope that helps.

    Hi, yes this helps heaps and makes me more confident that what I’m trying to achieve will work. Does it make any difference if the ESXi hosts – and therefore their corresponding VRAs – in A, B, C & D are on different subnets? Am I right in saying that as long as the VRAs in A, C & D can route to/ping the VRAs in B then all will work well?

    That’s correct. Each of my sites is a different subnet. They are all accessible to each other via MPLS links and internet tunnels, to make 1 big network, with 4 sites, each site having a different subnet. As long as you can route to/from your different locations, having different subnets isn’t an issue at all.

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