Role and permission requirements to access API

  • We have a powershell script which checks general health and config status of our key infrastructure components including Zerto. It uses API calls to get Zerto information we need. I need to make sure the script uses a user with lowest possible privilege to make the API calls. At this stage, we only need to get status of all VPGs.

    I created a new role by cloning the ReadOnly role in VC and add Zerto-Viewer privilege to the new role. I assigned the new role to a test user. Using the test user, I can log in to Zerto web GUI and see all VPGs’ status however when I use that same test user to make API calls, I get error “The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden”

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.


    It started to work after a couple of hours. All good.

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