Quota Sizing in Azure

  • I apologize if I missed any information on this in documentation, but I don’t recall seeing anything other than a region quota of 100 and per family quota of 50.  I’m new to using Azure for recovery, and even with a small environment to recover, I am constantly running into errors trying to test failover stating that I need to increase quotas.  Does anybody know how to best calculate this?  Or am I just over thinking things and it’s simply adding the number of vCPUs used by the VMs to both the 50 and 100?

    Hey John-  We used Azure Migrate to calculate the vCPU requirements for our protected VMs.  Once we had this data we submitted Quota Increase support tickets with Microsoft via the Azure portal (plus some overhead) to get around these errors.

    I’m happy to share more details if needed – just ask!

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