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Protected Storage Error

  • Hi,

    I have a VPG which contains 5 VM’s. The protection Status is Not Meeting SLA and the VPG State is Bitmap Syncing (0.0MB / 56.1GB, ETA N/A). It has been in this state for a few hours now.  In the VPG, Under Not Meeting SLA, if I click the ?, it tells me the reason is Protected Storage Error.

    I am not seeing any issues on any of my ESXi hosts nor my storage arrays.

    Has anyone come across this error before?

    What does Protected Storage Error mean?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.





    Did you receive a response to your question?  I have a VPG with the same, “Protected Storage Error”


    Hi Diane,

    I have not received a reply yet from the community, however I have since opened a ticket with support who are reviewing the logs so hopefully I will have a solution soon.



    If you don’t mind updating this thread once you find out the solution I would appreciate it.

    I am having the same issue trying to sync a MS SQL server.

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