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Pre-seed from Azure

  • In the next release of Zerto Virtual Replication, I understand that there is now a new capability to Pre-seed from Azure.

    Can someone from Zerto shed some light on why this capability has been introduced (use case) and what the expected process of pre-seeding from Azure might look like?


    Hi Bruce,

    As with all version releases, the features are subject to change.

    Regardless, there are two use cases for Azure pre-seed:

    1. Reverse protection when failing back a VM from Azure to On-Prem
    2. Recreation of On-prem-to-Azure VPGs

    In both cases, the Azure pre-seed would reduce time to protection by running a delta sync instead of an initial sync.

    Are you interested in trying out Azure pre-seed?  I believe you should have been sent info regarding beta registration but if you have other questions please reach out to

    You can easily register for the beta: Go to the myzerto page and one of the sliding graphics has the sign up link

    Thank you!

    Hello – I was wondering what the status on this feature request is?  I have had cases where I’ve wanted to re-create VPG’s, or break up larger VPG’s into more smaller ones, but there is currently no option to pre-seed using the data that’s already in the storage account.

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