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Powershell to automate pausing un pausing VPG

  • Hi is there a way to automate the behavior of a VPG to be paused and un paused via powershell.

    we have a VM that is doing a lot of change and we are just wanting to have it sync once a day to avoid bandwidth bursts.

    Hi, Can you provide me the link to download zerto module for powershell? I mean to say Zerto Virtual Replication cmdlets


    The pause-protection group cmdlet details are here (unpause is under the see also section): http://s3.amazonaws.com/zertodownload_docs/Latest/Zerto%20Virtual%20Replication%20Zerto%20Virtual%20Manager%20%28ZVM%29%20-%20vSphere%20Online%20Help/index.html#page/PowerShellCmdlets%2FCmdlets.4.13.html%23

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