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Paring to Site

  • Paring to Site xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx failed.Time out after attempting to connect to peer for 20 seconds

    Going crazy too… firewalls open, windows firewall disabled… telnet connecting properly on 9071 :/

    Zerto install server or vcenter server, both are windows server.


    Hi Umesh S


    could you solve this?  i have the same issue.

    I am seeing same issue  with version 8.5 . Any updates on this ?

    HI all. I am having the exact same issue. Connectivity on Port 9071 is working fine. One site is 8.0u4, the other is 8.5u3 – as far as I’m aware – they should be compatible. Any support here would be great. Thanks

    Hi guys

    I would suggest raising a support case and get the logs analysed



    I have the same problem. I juste open a Case, but I don’t see any log or event on my zerto.
    Is this case has been resolved, and if yes, could you tell me how?

    Thanks in advance.


    Has anyone received an answer on this issue?

    There can be many reasons why this error could appear

    Please log support cases as the cause can be different for all cases

    Kind Regards



    Has anyone received an answer on this issue?

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