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Number of ESX Server needed in DR site for Zerto

  • What is minimum number of ESX server required to be available in DR site?

    For example: If Prod Site have multi node ( may be 5 or many)  ESX cluster then can DR site just have 1 or 2 node ESX cluster allowing additional ESX nodes to be provisioned only incase of DR test / fail-over need?

    Hi Shan, From a technical standpoint, a single host is all that is required. Having said that, I would say that at least 2 should be available considering a user may not want a single point of failure. Additionally, some users consider having like-for-like resources (at the more expensive end) or having some degree of over commit ratio (IE maybe production has 5 hosts but recovery only has 3 hosts) – this is up to what the user’s organization/business has in regards to performance requirements while in DR.

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