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Newbie Questions

  • Just running a Zerto PoC with 5.5

    Q1. I cannot see any “run book” function – an ability to co-ordinate a boot/failover order of multiple VPGs. Surely Zerto should have this functionality?? Do I really need to manually bring up VPGs with appropriate delays in between? That would be a remarkable feature gap if the case!!

    Q2. Can I roll back an individual vdisk on a VM using Zerto, or can I only roll back the entire VM/VPG?



    Hi Darren,

    To your first question – I am not 100% sure so I will make sure to ask an engineer tomorrow, but I believe you can configure “failover delays” upon creation of the VPGs.  It may even be possible to script a boot/failover order for your VPGs.  Again, not totally sure so I will follow up on this.

    To your second question, this sounds like something that Journal File Level Recovery can assist with.  You can restore an individual file or folder with this functionality rather then the entire VPG itself.

    I will have one of my team members provide further clarification when I speak with them tomorrow!

    Thank you

    this is insane

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