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New Ideal for new version of zerto7

  • As i know you will be release new version of zerto 7 in 2019 with new feature i have some proposes

    as i work with many different backup and recovery softwares some funtionality there is not in any software for example

    exclude file during backup or replication in other OS such as Linux is not possible

    if your application could support physical server get live backup and recovery OS on baremetal server that is a revolution

    and last one which mos of Application support but your app could not support is zerto could not work on single esxi

    i hope in your new version of zerto you can support and cover these bugs



    You can go to “Support & Downloads” at the top of this page (https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/)

    On the Support & Downloads page, click Feature Request and submit a request.

    why don’t anyone answer from zerto team ?

    Sounds more like a feature request than a bug. You can always try opening a case or calling support to discuss this.

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