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Multiple IPs on one NIC

  • Hi, we have a few app servers with one vNIC configured on the respective VMs but multiple IPs bound to the NIC and used by different apps via IIS.

    In looking at the documentation there’s not much references to how to config failover IPs for this situation aside from a note that might mean it’s not supported

    Note: IP binding configuration is not supported. You can specify only one IP address per port.

    Does that note mean having multiple IPv4 IPs assigned to the one NIC is not supported?

    If so, how have people got around this, aside from assigning more vNICs to the VM and binding one IP to each?

    Thoughts, comments, ideas are appreciated.



    I don’t have this situation, but could a possible workaround be to create a post-recovery script that will manually assign the additional IPs?

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