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multi-site replication licensing

  • When performing multi-site replication, one source, multiple target sites, for a single VM, how many licenses are consumed for this replication?

    Does this require two licences as a single VM is being replicated to two target VMWare clusters?

    Does this require a single license because only a single VM is being protected, even if it is to two different targets?

    Hi Alan – By owning an Enterprise Cloud Edition license (perpetual) or a MultiCloud Subscription (through a Zerto Cloud Service Provider partner) a user can replicate a single VM to up to 3 disctinct recovery sites on a single VM license. For example, if you have a 100VM license and replicate just a single VM to 3 separate recovery sites, only a single license is consumed (IE 99 licenses will remain unused). The 3 distinct recovery sites is important to consider here as if a VM is replicating to resources in the the same VC the VM is hosted in, then the VM would be ineligible to be replicated again to this same recovery site (IE the user would only be able to replicate a VM within the same site once; once the VM is replicating locally, it will only be eligible to replicate to other paired sites). — Justin

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