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Migrating vcenter to a new server

  • I will be moving our vcenter to a new server pretty soon my question with zeto what is involved. Will zerto need to be reconfigured from scratch, is there export/import features, does license need to be reactivated

    If it’s at all possible, an in-place upgrade of vCenter is your best bet.

    Zerto keys in on the vCenter database, so with a new vCenter, you’ll get a new DB, and you’ll have to recreate all your Zerto VPG’s and settings. The settings can be exported, and then imported, but I’ve had mixed results with that in the past. You’ll also have to do a database migration of the SQL database behind vCenter. This can get very tricky and very complicated, very quickly.

    Once I realized all the pains of migrating vCenter, I chose to virtualize my vCenter server, that way I could do protected upgrades in the future. It’s actually worked out really nice. I’ve done 2 major vCenter upgrades since running Zerto, and it was super easy.

    Hope that helps.

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