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Migrating DR Environment

  • We will be migrating our DR environment this coming weekend.  Currently DR has been living about 2 feet away from production to seed and test for the last several months.

    We will be fork-lifting that to our DR site starting Saturday – stay tuned for updates!

    Good luck Chuck! I’ll be interested to hear how it goes.

    Senior Technical Architect at Zerto

    We did something similar when we seeded to a new UCS systems being shipped off to a new data center. The process worked good and was successful. Things to watch out for are change rates of data and bandwidth availability. Some of our SQL servers had so much daily change rate we had to adjust the application backup process for a couple days to allow replication to catch up. Good luck with your move!

    Systems Engineer at LTCG Minneapolis, MN

    Mike, What size pipes were you working with between these sites?  We have been seeding at 1G/10G, but I have set the bandwidth throttle to 35Mb/s and that has been pretty illuminating (DR only has a 40Mb/s pipe and we still need to run the plant as well).  We’re not going to need a bigger boat, just much bigger pipes!

    We did this with our DR environment last year.  Worked a treat but you do need to understand the amount of changes that will occur during the move.  This did affect the availability of our DR site for a few days while it caught up.

    Our gameplan is to shut down all protected VMs while the transition is happening – the holiday weekend is the only time we could string a few days in a row.

    I’d be interested to hear how many VMs you were protecting and what size pipe you had between them?  We have a smaller implementation (17 VMs).

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