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Migrate Zerto between Azure subscriptions

  • Hi All, I wonder if anybody knows if it is possible to move our zerto infrastructure from one Azure Subscription (PAYG) to a new subscription (CSP)? I have already set everything up and we are successfully replicating VPG’s onto the PAYG sub but now that our CSP is in place we need to move it. Has anyone done this or is there documentation on how to do it?


    Thanks, Chris

    Hey Chris-  Although all of the objects used in Azure can be moved between subscriptions, I haven’t tested it myself.  Might be worth deploying a new ZCA + Storage account and seeing how Zerto reacts.  Alternatively you could bring up new ZCAs in the CSP subscription and replicate your VPGs to both subs at the same time.  Once you have a full snapshot in the CSP sub you could stop replication to the PAYG sub and just keep the PAYG ZCAs running until your journal history in your CSP sub is sufficient for your need.

    Thanks Eric, I will contact Zerto to see if there is an easier way but otherwise will do as you suggest!

    Chris, were you able to get them moved? How did you go about it?

    Yours faithfully, Eric If there isn’t a simpler approach, I’ll ask Zerto, but otherwise, I’ll follow your advice.


    there is no direct, out-of-the-box process to move a Zerto infrastructure from one Azure subscription to another. Zerto’s functionality is closely tied to the Azure subscription it’s configured with, so a direct migration is not possible. quordle

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