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Managing Alerts Multi Peer sites

  • Hello,

    I’m finishing up a Zerto 5u1 install. We have 3 vCenters at our protected site and 2 at our recovery site. I have alerting setup to send to my email address but will need to expand that to a larger group. I’m finding that I get a lot of duplicate alerts sent from various peer sites (an alert from one site will also be sent by another site). I also don’t see where I can trim down what alert types¬†are being sent. I’m not going to be popular with my peers when they get inundated with alerts.

    Any help or changes forthcoming?

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your question. We’re looking into finding you the right answers and will report back as soon as possible!



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    Hi Ron, here is some information I was able to track down for you.

    There are plans to refactor alerts on the roadmap, I do not believe we have a planned timeline or version at the moment for this.

    One alternative could be to use the ZCM to monitor the alerting since things are consolidated in that UI.

    Another alternative is to use the vSphere alarms to take actions on trigger (either send smtp or snmp track) versus using the Zerto ‘all or nothing’ SMTP config for each ZVM.

    A third option could be to use the Alerts API to customize it themselves.

    A fourth option could be to configure smtp in zerto but send to a distribution list and then filter and control things through the email rules and the like.


    Hope this helps!


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