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LTR – Long Term Retention Repository – Schedule

  • Hello, I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy. I’m running 7.5 U4 on Hyper-V.

    We have about 12TB of VM’s we’re replicating from a Prod to Recovery site where the recovery site has a 50Tb NAS repository. The default schedule is Daily/Incremental for 7 days and Monthly/Full for 12 months. I didn’t realize the distinction between Daily/Incremental and Monthly/Full, I actually added in a Weekly/Full which has wound up accelerating the 50Tb getting full.

    Here is what I’d like to do: Daily/Incremental/7 days – Weekly/Incremental/4 weeks – Month/Incremental/12 months.

    Question 1 – Is it advisable to not have any of the jobs be full?

    Question 2 – It doesn’t appear I can setup a full jobs to occur every 4 months and keep the last 12 months?

    Any feedback / recommendations would be appreciated!






    I answered part of my question when I tried to set monthly backups to incremental “Update protection group. Failed: Weekly or Monthly Retention policies should be configured as Full retention copies.”

    It appears this works (or at least accepted):

    Daily/Incremental/Keep 7 Days
    Weekly/Incremental/Keep 52 weeks
    Monthly/Full/Keep 1 Month

    I think this would be sufficient but I wanted to confirm that I’m not missing anything that would cause this schedule to fail/not be ideal. Thanks


    I run exactly that – daily incremental LTR’s, weekly incremental LTR’s, monthly full LTR’s, yearly full LTR’s. What I see is the longer held LTR jobs stay while the shorter held jobs simply disappear over time. This is working as designed. I even have a tape backup of the LTR repository stored offsite.

    There is built in schedule when these jobs run so I time the largest VPG’s to run their LTR jobs on Saturday and then stagger the smaller ones throughout the week. I also stagger them throughout the day each day. That way it does not matter if a full or incremental runs, there is little overlap in processing. Be sure to max out the resources of the target VRA to speed things up. Create a spreadsheet listing each VPG & the day and time they run. It helps as a reference.

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