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Long Distance vMotion

  • We get some questions about long distance VMotion. Some things to consider:

    1.       Long distance vMotion sends the entire data set in one go, you cannot pre-seed. Zerto allows replication with just the changes sent.

    2.       Long distance vMotion will flood a link with all the data being sent which means its limited to moving VMs one by one. Zerto only sends the changes continuously so you can move any number of VMs required simultaneously.

    3.       You cannot test a move before performing the move with long distance vMotion, you can with Zerto.

    4.       You cannot easily move the VM back if an issue is encountered with long distance vMotion, you’d have to send the whole data set. Zerto will move the VM back to production in minutes.

    5.       Manual IP changes are required if the target site is on a different subnet. Zerto can automate this process.

    6.       How are the VMs going to protect the VMs for BC/DR after the move? Zerto perpetual licensing allows unlimited migrations, limited to the total VM count being replicated, and re-use of the license after migration for BC/DR.

    Senior Technical Architect at Zerto
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