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Licensing question

  • Hi everyone
    Can you clarify how licenses are used in replication and migration scenarios?
    I currently have 200 licenses of the type custom on. Of those 200 the license page in Site Settings says 0 are being used even though i have 18 VPGs containing 109 VMs.

    Also, are licenses released if VMs are migrated and the VPG deleted or is it used forever and i need more?

    Thanks in advance


    ps. i tried contacting Zerto about this through first the web chat which were unable to help and then the myZerto support section (could not be granted access to that one).

    Hi Anders,

    As to your first question regarding the discrepancy in the Site Settings – I suspect this may be a bug and you should probably open a ticket with support regarding it.  You can open a ticket directly through the ZVM if you are having trouble accessing myZerto (I’ll look into that also for you)

    But to your second question – the difference between a migration license and a ‘replication’ (we call them enterprise or perpetual) license is the migration licenses are only temporary and are valid a few months.  The enterprise licenses last forever!  All you need to do is pay the recurring maintenance and support and they are yours forever.  You can use and re-purpose those VMs as needed.

    I hope this helps clarify a bit.  Please reach out if you have more questions!

    Tamas Norbert N

    Hi Anders,

    I would like to ask a question regarding migration licenses. If we have 50 migration licenses then we can reuse that 50 license within the 6 month period right? So for example if we need to migrate 200 servers, we can perform the migrations in 50 vm waves. Only thing here that 50 VM can be protected in a time right?

    And after if the migration is take longer period then we have to buy an other migration license for the next 6 months?


    Thank you in advance

    Great question! In replication and migration scenarios, licenses typically need to be allocated for the VMs involved in the process. It sounds like there might be a discrepancy with the reporting on your Site Settings page. Regarding your second question, generally, licenses are released once the VMs are migrated and the VPGs are deleted. They should not be used indefinitely. However, this can vary depending on the specific licensing agreement or software being used. You might want to check the documentation of your licensing provider or reach out to their support for confirmation.

    Sure, I can help clarify how licenses are used in replication and migration scenarios. It sounds like you have a good number of licenses, but there seems to be some confusion about their usage. Typically, in these scenarios, licenses are allocated based on the number of VMs or VPGs being protected or migrated and also check More information to pay nj traffic ticket online njmcdirect. I would recommend reaching out to your support team or checking the documentation specific to your replication/migration software for further guidance. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and found a solution?

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