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Language Setting vCenter, ZVM Windows Server

  • Hello all.

    When I installed ZVM(3.x and 4.0) on Windows Server Korean version, I didn’t install ZVM because of the language issue. In the case of ZVM, I can fix that issue through change the Windows server language setting or install ZVM on Windows Server English version.

    But, When the vCenter Server language is set to Korean, some function didn’t operated.
    Almost all the vCenter server was installed in Korea is Windows Server Korean version and language is set to Korean.

    Is ZVM only support Windows Server English version and vCenter Server is set to English ?

    Thank you.

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    Hello Hyuan,

    you have to set the language locals on all systems to the same value. So either all of them in Korean or all in English.

    This includes vCenter or SCVMM as well as the virtual machines, where you have ZVM installed. There are known issues with mixed locale settings, which might be addressed in future releases but for now, it is as described. The reason for the behavior is that the strings vary in the languages and in my case, ZVR expected a value named “Networking Adapter1” but in German it is “Netzwerkadapter 1”. This will return an error condition to the scripts running during a Failover, for example.


    Please let me know if you have any further queries.


    Best regards




    Thank you Ben.

    I will test it.


    Best Regards.




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