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Lack of vSphere vApp support from ZVR 4.5 onwards

  • Hi,

    I’m running ZVR 4.0U6 in a VMware environment, performing vSphere to/from vCD and vCD to vCD replication. I am considering upgrading to ZVR5.0U1 but, when reading the release notes, I have seen that vSphere vApp support is discontinued since ZVR 4.5.

    Does anyone know what this lack of support means? In the vSphere replication site, will Zerto still see the VMs that are part of vSphere vApps, even if their grouping in terms of vApps is not perceived? Or does it mean those VMs cannot be added to the Zerto VPGs?



    Hi Miguel G, thanks for your question!

    From our Technical Documentation page, The Release Notes state on the bottom of page 4 that protecting vSphere vApps is no longer supported. What is important to understand is you can still protect VMs that are in a vApp, down to 2 (two) levels within the particular vApp, but not the vApp constructs themselves. The VMs will also be recovered as stand-alone VMs and not in a vApp on the Recovery Site.

    “Zerto no longer supports protection of vCenter Server vApps. Any VPG protecting a vAPP should be recreated using the virtual machines in the vApp. When upgrading to 5.0U1 from 5.0 or lower, if there is a VPG protecting a vCenter Server vApp, the user will get a warning before the upgrade: Zerto no longer supports protection of vCenter Server vApps. Create a new VPG with the virtual machines from the vApp added separately to the VPG.”


    Hope this helps!



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    hi harry,

    does the same apply to vApps created through vcloud director? since the vapp lives within vcent as a vapp does this still affect vcd customers?

    Hi Chris F,

    As long as you are protecting the VMs with vCloud Director as a source, yes, you select the vCD vApp when creating your VPG within the ZVR interface. You will find the step-by-step instructions in the ZVM Admin guide for vSphere environments, and also the “ZVR Cloud Service Provider Guidelines” documents.

    Let us know if you need anything else!


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