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Isolated failover network for testing?

  • Greeting.


    We’ve had Zerto support looking at this, and Azure consultants, and we’re still baffled.  We have an issue with all servers in TEST mode registering themselves with internal DNS.

    We created a /24 subnet for the Failover and Test environment, and then created two subnets /25 within that space.  We’re using a private scheme in the 10.10.x.x network.  Failover is in A, Test is in B.

    It looks like the DNS servers can only be set on the /24, not on the lower /25.  The servers of course are picking up the info from the faux DHCP server.  We can’t set the test DNS servers in the virtual machine itself, of course.  The upshot is that when we test a server, it overwrites the DNS entry for the production box.  Not good.

    Any suggestions, other than destroying the /24?  We have many TB of data replicated to the failover network and don’t want to start again.

    Also, does anyone have a working failover & test configuration in Azure?  I’d lobe to talk to you.


    Did anyone get back you on this?  My concern is we have it actually isolated like a champion…but as we were creating the isolated vlan/subnet, I can select the vlan when I edit VPG and then have to goto advanced vm settings to “again” tell it to goto the isolated vlan and it still fails.  If I recreated the VPG and select the correct vlan it works but I have 80ish VM’s protected and pointing to a vlan that I know it will fail when I try it and I do not want to lose all the checkpoints by recreating the VPG’s.

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