Is Zerto compatible with HPE SimpliVity?

  • Is Zerto compatible with HPE SimpliVity?

    …Um, am I right in saying that due to the fact that Zerto operates at the VMware layer and the ESXi code installed on the SimpliVity is just the HPE-Customized image, there should be no incompatibility issues??


    Hi George,

    Zerto products are agnostic to the hardware type in the environment.

    This means Zerto products are compatible with HPE SimpliVity.

    HPE SimpliVity is a hypercoverged platform with its own special features and requirements.

    Some of its features might restrict Zerto products from delivering the best performance in certain failover scenario.

    If you met performance issue in a scenario of Zerto and HPE SimpliVity, please feel free to raise service request to us.

    Thank you.

    Ok great, thanks Quincy….I have not yet implemented Zerto with my SimpliVity platform, but it’s good to get the confirmation that they will work together.



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