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is host to host migration supported (no vCenter)?

  • Will the Zerto 5.x tool support migration/backup from a standalone ESXi host to another ESXi host where both hosts are not in vCenter? If it is possible, where is it documented? When I setup the ZVM for VMware, it only allows connection to vCenter which seems to indicate that a standalone host to another standalone host is not supported.

    Hi Steve,

    Zerto requires a vCenter server at both sides. Standalone hosts are not supported.

    Best Regards.

    Hi Everyone, I'm the new(ish) chief evangelist for Zerto. I'll be the first to admit that I have an addiction to startups with cool technology and I love my current day job :-). Seriously, if there was an AA equivalent for startups, I'd be finding myself at those meetings rather quickly! My background is all technical in nature. In past lives I've been a senior VMware instructor, VMware design consultant, cloud architect, NetApp engineer, etc, etc. Most recently I came from SimpliVity where I was a director in the Office of the CTO. I've got a slew of fancy letters behind my name from various certs (really good test taker here). If there is anything I can do to enhance or otherwise help make your Zerto journey as amazing as possible please don't hesitate to ask! As much as I am an evangelist from Zerto to the world and amazing customers, I am also an evangelist for those same people back to the internal folks we have here at Zerto. Anything I can do to help please let me know. Enjoy the Journey My Friends. :-) --Sekora "Know the rules well, so that you may break them effectively." Dalai Llama XIV
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