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Intra-region Azure to Azure

  • I’m not sure what others are thinking about right now, but I’m really looking forward to testing the BCP/DR capabilities between Azure Regions in the coming BETA for the next release of Zerto Virtual Replication for Public Cloud DR. This additional new capability that Zerto are introducing, from my perspective, is something I can see a demand for right now. Especially for Hybrid Cloud scenarios where a customers’ production workloads are split between on-premises and Azure Regions. In that scenario, it means that the production workload/s in Azure won’t need to replicate back to an on-premises physical infrastructure.

    The reason for this, is because a lot of customers I am speaking with today desire to keep their physical on-premises infrastructure solutions very lean, with the intention of transforming their workloads over time to a mixture of SaaS and PaaS and IaaS Cloud models. Having the choice not to replicate to on-premises infrastructure and using the Public Cloud provider exclusively, means that additional storage and compute is not required up front. This lowers the TCO and increases the ROI overtime. It’s the ultimate flexibility that customers are looking for. I love how Zerto really thinks ahead of the game and positions itself for what customers are really looking for in a BCDR solution. What do you think?

    I agree wholeheartedly 🙂

    We are always trying to improve our product based on what the demand is from the market.
    Lately, we have been seeing a convergence of disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility. In response, we built our IT Resilience Platform specifically to address all these requirements in one simple, scalable, easy-to-use product.

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