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How many VRAs in Azure?

  • Hi, I apologise if this question has already been posted and answered:- I am not new to Zerto, but I am new to Azure. I am setting up replication from VMware to Azure. Will the ZCA automatically spin-up the appropriate number of VRAs it requires, or do I have to manually work out how many VRAs will be needed in the Azure target site and deploy them manually?

    In Zerto 10, the ZCA will deploy the first VRA for you. Any VRAs after that would need to be created by you.

    You can use Zerto Analytics and its planning function to help size your deployment. You can use the number of ZCAs calculated as a minimum number of VRAs to be deployed.

    Hi Michael, thanks very much for your information. The first link you provided “Azure multiple VRA Support” section in the Administrators guide describing how to add additional VRAs is contained in the “Protecting VMs *From* Azure” chapter. In my situation, I will not be replicating VMs *from* Azure, I will be replicating VMs *to* Azure from my on-premises VMware platform. That’s why I skipped reading that chapter because I assume it relates to replicating from Azure.

    I will look into the Zerto Analytics planning information you provided, thanks. Do I need to have my Azure site already setup & configured in Zerto before I can use it?

    Regards, George.

    Hi George, while that chapter does say “from Azure”, the how-to and thinking for deploying VRAs is still relevant. Also, you’ll want to consider the information from that chapter when you want to eventually fail back on-premises from Azure (or decide to replicate to another Azure region once there).

    As for Zerto Analytics, the information used (e.g., change rates) is gathered from the source vCenter side, so you do not need anything in Azure up and running yet. Just a ZVM connected to vCenter is all that’s needed, plus making sure that the setting is enabled for the ZVM to share that data with Analytics.

    Thanks Michael. Yes we will be performing a live failover test of a couple of VPGs to Azure and then failing them back to on-prem, so I will read that chapter, thanks very much.

    The Zerto Analytics tool is very good and gave me all the info I needed, turns out I’ll need only one ZCA, therefore one VRA 🙂

    Regards, George.

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