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Hosts with Zerto BSOD after patching

  • Our production and recovery Hyper-V hosts running Zerto produce a BSOD (rvdddk.sys) after applying MS patches. I evacuate the VRA, pause the node, shutdown the VRA, then apply MS patches. Patches install and server reboots correctly. Yet after enabling node, VRA is powered on and recovery repository is added back, encounter a BSOD: IRQL error on rvdddk.sys. I remove the patches and then the host works. This only happens on hosts that have a Zerto VRA on them. This started with January MS patches. I have uninstalled the VRA and then the hosts accept patches and run fine. Have others experienced this? Possible solutions? Open to suggestions as I would like to patch my hosts.

    We have the same issue and it started in January when we were forced to uninstall January patches, what version of Zerto do you have? We are looking at upgrading our environment to see if this will resolve the issue.


    We are running 9.7 update 3. I have rebooted the ZVM machines and all VRAs. They all run fine. The server issue seems to occur when windows runs a health check of Hyper-V and it thinks there is no virtual switch available. There are logs stating windows cannot find any virtual switch – which causes a BSOD.


    Thanks for the reply will also try the same on our end.

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