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Full delta sync after long outage?

  • Hi,

    What’s happening after a long outage (say 48 hours)? Let’s say that I failover to my recovery site and during 48 hours, there’s no communication between the two sites. Then my production site comes back up and I want to “move” back to it.

    Does Zerto keeps track of modified blocks on the recovery site for 48 hours and only sync those blocks or does it perform a full delta sync of all VPG (aka reading everything on both sides to compare)?

    In other words : I have 200 TB of protected storage, I failover and for 48h there are 2 TB of blocks modified on the recovery site, when the communication is restored, does Zerto sync 2 TB or 200 TB?


    When the system or service comes back online after the outage, a full delta sync may be necessary to ensure that all changes made during the outage period are properly synchronized with other systems or services. bitlife

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