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Exclude large volume from replication

  • We have a few vm’s with very large volumes attached (in the 2TB range) and would like to protect the OS drive but not the cache drive(s). Is there a way to set up a VPG so that it excludes these drives? Setting them as Temp still causes the VPG to want to do an initial sync.

    I don’t think there is a way (currently) to do that. Your best bet as it sits now, would be to do a pre-seed of the large volume, and mark it as a swap volume. Then after the initial delta sync (it’s going to have to do that) it won’t replicate that disk any further. It’s not pretty, but it would get the job done so you can protect that VM. I believe there is a feature request in to do what you’re asking, but I’m not 100% sure on that.  You should submit it anyway, so it get another vote.

    If you exclude large volumes from replication files you will easily clean up extra space to store more data files. If you select a volume for backup files first you need to check here and this will help you un retrieving old files you cannot use filters to include or exclude files of a specific type.

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