Error When Applying Licence

  • Hi,


    New install here – I have vCenter setup, but don’t have any hosts added to it yet, in case that makes a  difference.


    I’ve installed Zerto, that went OK – but when I launch the application it asks for a licence, when I apply it I get the following error:


    “you do not have the correct set of permissions for this task” – anyone come across this before.

    Hi Ciaran,

    Not having any hosts deployed should not make a difference.  What this sounds like to me is an issue with not having the proper administration permissions.

    You need to login as an administrator role in order to setup Zerto.  It won’t work if you are logging in with a sub-admin or other role.

    Try using the same username and pass that you used for the Zerto setup and see if that helps.  If not then I would suggest opening a ticket with support.

    Hope this helps!

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