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  • Hi All,

    Do you know what could be the problem? I’m getting the following error message trying to migrate ZVM db to SQL


    Convert failed with error: Source database version ‘dalmore_3up1 ’is different from target database version ‘dalmore_u3’

    Assume you are going from the native sql express install to a dedicated DB server.  Sounds like maybe a version missmatch with the db conversion tool.  You may have to get with Zerto Support to validate.  I had a similar problem a while back.

    Grab the same Zerto migration tool version as your ZVM version and you should be able to migrate it.

    Contact Zerto Support. Whats has happened is they have not updated to tool to include the U1 patch.So it sees a version missmatch. Support will give you an updated one. At least they did for me.


    New Zerto.Storage.ConversionTool_6.5.31.3 is now available. I did the migration using the new tool without problems.

    Tool released on March 7th

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