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Encryption on Replicated VMs

  • We are seeing and issue where compression and deduplication is not working with replicated VMs.  I’m trying to confirm if these disks are encrypted at rest?

    Hi Jason,

    What technology methods are you using for compression and deduplication? ZVR is not encrypting at rest, but if you’re looking at applying dedupe on top of the data ZVR compresses, you will see a challenge that behaves similarly to what you are suggesting in that the data may look like (for lack of better terminology here) it’s encrypted so you aren’t seeing a dedupe benefit on top of the encryption. If you are using compression in ZVR, the data is compressed in transit as well as at rest in the journal.

    Rest assured that you shouldn’t have to worry about needing deduplication when using ZVR compression (and you can also take advantage of marking specific drives as swap), but you could consider testing your deduplication technology instead of compression on some test VPGs and report your findings. I will also see if I can dig up any other data from others’ experiences.



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