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DRaaS w/ vCloud updating BestPractice

  • A question for those of you using Zerto for DR as a service with vCloud.

    How do you handle version upgrades with clients without direct access to the Zerto parts at their site?

    Some of the questions we have are

    1. Do you let the customers update it or do you preform a remote session to do it?
    2. How often do you do upgrades?  If we keep our side current do you let client sites lag a few patches and do them quarterly, semi-annually etc?


    Hi Matt,

    I apologize for the delayed response here. We do currently support some version differences between sites, and the customer on-premises upgrade process is in the customer’s hands. There may be times where the partner/managed provider may assist with this process depending on the agree with the customer, as well.

    We are also working on improving this workflow and the available options in these types of scenarios so your feedback is heard and greatly appreciated. Let us know if you have any additional questions or use cases you’d like us to be aware of when planning out these product improvements, too!



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