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Doing Failover Test in Azure

  • hey guys

    I’ve been migrating and doing DR to Azure using Zerto severa times but for this customer is not easy to ask him, please disconnect the Vmware om premises VM and let’s do a Failover Test

    how do you manage this? how do you execute for testing purposes or auditing purposes a Failover Test without disconnected the production VMs?

    usually in Vmware to Vmware I just create a dummy portgroup and share vmware console with customer or an isolated portgroup and customer create a vm to connect to that isolated environment

    but I have no idea how to do it with Azure in order to isolate I will need another vNet and create a pivot or jump box connected to internet but I just wanted to know if there were any others ways


    Create a sandbox VNet that is not peered to any other VNet. Use that VNet for your test network.


    thanks Kyle, so in that way you have to enable a jumbox vm / bastion host in order to connect to that vNet right? since is isolated from any other vNet and VPN


    is what you saying?

    I think the Azure Bastion service is a good way to handle this.  Otherwise, you could potentially create a very restrictive NSG on one of your subnets to only allow limited access to your failover test network / subnet.

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